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Dental Technology

The Wand

We feel fortunate to be able to offer you the absolute state of the art in dental anesthesia.  The Wand is a breakthrough in making the delivery of local anesthetic more comfortable than it has ever been before.  We regularly have patients ask us (after having just used the Wand and feeling the affects of the anesthetic) "When do I get the shot?" It is a pleasure to tell them that the comfortable anesthetic, just given, is all they will likely need. 

The Wand has truly been, for our patients, a great investment in technology.

For more information please visit Milestone Scientific Wand website www.milesci.com/patients.html.

Digital X-rays and Imaging    

The images we obtain today, from both digital x-rays and small, in-the-mouth cameras, allow us to quite quickly see and understand things in your mouth that were not easy to see and understand just a few years ago.  These images can easily be stored as well as sent to specialists for further diagnosis when indicated.  Digital x-rays also require considerably less radiation exposure for our patients.    

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